Puma announces a new tennis collection inspired by ‘Super Mario Bros’ and Nintendo!

So the years that must go by Mario Bros has a well-earned space in the hearts of retro-loving gamers. Precisely in this 2020, the iconic Super Mario Bros -game of the NES console- celebrates 35 years since its launch to the market and everyone celebrates it as can with special deliveries of all kinds.

And when we say all kinds, we don’t just mean video games. This is how the sports brand Puma and Nintendo have just announced the launch of a special edition tennis collection to commemorate the image of iconic Italian plumber.

Photo: Puma

Puma shines with its special Mario Bros collection

The franchise Super Mario last September he turned 35 years since he arrived on consoles Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) of the planet. Since then, the Japanese video game developer has launched countless sagas with which we have seen the mythical Mario evolve and other characters that accompany him through different worlds.

Now, as part of the celebrations for the thirty-fifth anniversary of the franchise, the sportswear brand Puma announced a new collaboration in homage to the symbolic mustache of the red suit. The German company made three exclusive models for those fans of the video game red bone and one more in honor to the NES console.

Photo: Puma

The silhouette Future Rider was used to develop a model with graphic elements from Super Mario 64. The design is inspired by the character’s classic red and blue outfit, his hat with wings and a traditional block made of The kind of bricks that Mario needs to break as he travels on his missions.

For its part, tennis style Clyde and the RS-Dreamers will tell will be inspired by the game Super Mario Sunshine, while the RS-Fast recommended for training based its design on the mythical game Super Mario Galaxy from 2007, with the colors white, purple and black.

Silhouette Future Rider Mario 64. Photo: Puma

Silhouette inspired by Mario Sunshine. Photo: Puma

Silhouette inspired by Mario Galaxy. Photo: Puma


A silhouette honoring the NES

As if that were not enough, Puma also wore a design based on the mythical NES, la console that had the honor of playing the first video game in the Mario Bros franchise. The silhouette that the company used in this case was Future Rider which includes the characteristic colors of the console and a pendant in the shape of the familiar joystick.

The three pairs of tennis inspired by video games will go on sale next September 27, while the special edition of the NES will be released a few days later, on December 4 all over the world. At the moment, the official price of the footwear has not been specified, but we will have to be careful so that they do not escape us.

Future Rider inspired by the NES. Photo: Puma