Pulling her swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos manages to conquer the internet

Pulling her swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos manages to conquer the internet | INSTAGRAM

The pretty daughter of Myrka Dellanos, Alexa Dellanos has become one of the Models more popular in networks social thanks to her excellent way of posing in different outfits but always beautiful in front of the camera and ready for her fans to enjoy her content.

This time we will address a Photography that she even had to be rescued by one of her fans when they realized how good she looked in this swimsuit Colour coffee one that favored him a lot and that made his charms stand out in a way perfect.

It is a snapshot in which he also showed us his excellent Sun tanning In addition to being pulling the bottom of his swimsuit so that his fans will impress you and they did it immediately by sharing the entertainment piece and giving it their respective like.

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It is worth mentioning that these photos were rescued just in time since the young woman was in charge of erasing or hiding some of her snapshots that he had in his Instagram, something that caught the audience by surprise and made them wonder why he did it.

However, so far we do not know the reason for this action but something for sure will continue to indulge us and upload many more pieces of contents with which he will continue to gain attention and win the hearts of Internet users.


In fact, he recently made a gift to his most loyal admirers of photographs in which he was placed face down on a cot and photographed in such a way as well as showing off from other angles in this blue swimsuit with white balls made an impact on the Internet.

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Those photos achieved more than 100,000 likes, however there are still many people who do not agree with the type of content that uploads and who even consider that it should be something else since their mother is very talented and a presenter of the most recognized of Telemundo, so they wonder why she did not follow in his footsteps.

The truth is that Alexa Dellanos always had the dream of being a model and now that she can do it on social networks, she feels even more comfortable and happy to have achieved this, which has been one of her greatest wishes since she was little.

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