Pull her red string, Lyna Perez makes an impact with this mini swimsuit

Pull her red string, Lyna Perez makes an impact with this mini swimsuit (INSTAGRAM)

Pull her red string, Lyna Perez makes an impact with this mini swimsuit | INSTAGRAM

The pretty american model, Lyna Pérez, does not stop creating attractive content for her loyal Instagram followers, always seeking to pamper them in the best possible way and this time she was no exception, as she used a very small red swimsuit with which he could not cover almost any of his great charms.

This time we will address some stories that a very attractive one shares in the first of them we can see her talking with some of her friends who were nearby showing that she also has a beautiful voice and above all a very attractive American accent for Latin Americans and even for the who speak the same language, because it really is a attractive girl wherever you see it.

However, the second story was what already managed to turn on social networks and be shared among users thanks to how hot the piece of entertainment became, this thanks to the fact that pulled his red thread in a way too attractive for those curious and creative minds that imagined enough when they saw it.

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If it were an official publication, it would surely have hundreds of thousands of likes, however, by staying on that site, which are your Instagram stories, they will disappear in 24 hours, but of course we rescue them for you so that you don’t lose in no time and you can see them as many times as you want.

That’s right, despite the fact that the young woman is always looking to pamper her fans with beautiful videos, many times these tend to disappear on the internet thanks to that mechanism that Instagram has and that was popularized by the creators of Snapchat.

Internet users are fascinated by seeing Lyna Pérez in this way and much more if she is trying to get her fans to see her temperature as she surely did this time.


All this is part of the promotion of its incredible exclusive content, a page where you will surely find photos and videos much more uncovered and attractive than the ones you can place on your Instagram since there is a censorship restriction.

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Lyna Perez takes advantage of the great attention she has to recommend one of her friends so you can follow her on her Instagram and continue with the visual delight since they are just as beautiful and pretty as she is.

The American and her friend also appeared in a video in which they showed that they also exercise while in the pool by swimming by applying a little force in some movements that they did in the water and leaving enough of their attractive figures out of the water to be observed.

If it is the first time you meet the American woman you will surely have been very happy to have met her, however, if you are already human you will also have noticed that every time you upload much better content whatever your case, we recommend you continue to pay attention to Show News so as not to miss any of the beautiful photos and videos that Lyna Pérez has prepared for all of us.