Puello retains super lightweight title and Rosa wins WBA minimum belt

The dominican Alberto ‘the Wasp’ Puello used better technique to place his punches in the ring and retained, by unanimous decision in 12 rounds against the Mexican
Jesus Antonio Rubio, the interim super lightweight world title of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

The countryman from Puello, Erick ‘Mini PacMan’ Rosa, took the WBA interim world belt of the minimum weight (105 pounds) that was vacant, by also defeating by unanimous decision in 12 rounds the Peruvian Ricardo ‘el Cacique’ Astuvilca.

In order to Puello was the second defense of his crown, which he achieved against Spaniard Jonathan Alonso by unanimous decision in twelve rounds in July 2019.

‘La Avispa’ took ‘El Chino’ Rubi to the canvas with a right hookor at the end of the first round, which presaged that the combat would not reach the limit.

However, the Mexican recovered from the second round and stood up to the champion, who imposed his battle train with his attacks on the low planes and on Rubio’s face.

The three judges saw the Dominican, a native of the province of San Juan (southwest), a 120-107 winner.

“Thank God for helping me with my career”Puello said after the fight, when he admitted that he believed he had the fight in his hands after the fall of the Mexican.

For a moment I thought I was going to take him (by knockout), but boxing is unpredictable; he recovered and put up a good fight “added the boxer.

Puello, 26, said that at “no time” he felt the punch of his rival, but admitted that he “got a little tired”.

The Dominican took advantage of the last round to deploy his entire arsenal against Rubio, who barely stayed on his feet.

In the second stellar match on the card, ‘MiniPacMan’ Rosa became the WBA minimum world champion after defeating Astuvilca in a very even fight in which both gave their best on the ring.

In this way, Rosa belts a world belt in just her fourth professional fight (4-0).

The fight was even throughout the journey with the two boxers exchanging their best blows.

In the fourth round, the Peruvian brushed his left against the Dominican, who suffered a stumble and went to the canvas for the referee to count the eight seconds. The Caribbean boxer showed his displeasure with the decision, considering that it was a slip.

The experience of ‘el Cacique’ Astuvilca was noticed in the ring, using a glove movement aimed at distracting ‘Mini PacMan’, who boxed more cautiously.

The 32-year-old South American lost his unbeaten record in 22 bouts (21-1) and four knockouts.

“I am very proud to be Dominican, to achieve a world championship that makes me the first in Latin America and the fourth in the world to do so with less than five professional fights,” said Rosa.

He admitted that Astuvilca was a “super rival” and that he had to use all his skills to be successful.

“We worked very hard for this fight, he always kept a cool head and I did not get carried away by his style; when the slip occurred in the fourth round I knew there was a lot of fight ahead,” he added.

Rosa, 21, said that “now bigger things are coming” in her career.

The Shuan Boxing company, responsible for the fights, said that for the first time two world titles were contested in the Dominican Republic on the same card.

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