Narrative | 2020 June 21, Sunday

According to the latest official data, in Puebla the number of people infected by coronavirus has grown a 4.07% after reporting 287 new cases today, which raises the number total positives in the region a 7,336 people.

Of all confirmed cases, currently 1,596 they are still active this Sunday and 4,810 people have already healed. However, the number of deceased due to the infection by the new coronavirus, it is 930, after confirming the death of 14 people this Sunday, according to the latest data received.

Mexico adds 387 deaths this Sunday due to coronaviruses, 20,781 in total

According to the latest data, Mexico continue with 23,567 active cases COVID-19 after confirmation 4,717 new positives and 4,416 discharges this Sunday. Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of infected has risen to 175,202, with 130,854 recovered and 20,781 deceased.

Most affected places in the country

The regions of Mexico who are being more affected by the impact of the coronavirus are: Mexico City, with 41,777 infections (+770 new confirmed cases) and 5,378 deaths, the region with the highest figures in the country at this time. Mexico state, with 27,241 infections (+520 new cases) and 2,502 Dead people. Tabasco, with 8,130 infections (+313 new positives) and 859 dead.

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