Public cleaning campaign in 31 provinces this Saturday

06/10/2021 at 8:06 AM CEST

Plastic has become one of the main enemies of biodiversity throughout the planet. Every year, eight million tons of plastic end up in the sea, causing the death of more than a million animals. Most of these plastics and millions of objects come from the mainland through rivers. To help prevent this, the citizen movement ‘The invisible face of the planet’ has called for this Saturday a campaign with plastic cleaning actions in 31 provinces.

“’The invisible face of the planet’ reveals in the video in which it calls for citizen participation this Saturday the scope of the problem:“ From 1950 until now, some 8,300 million tons of plastic have been manufactured. Every minute a million plastic bottles are bought and about 500,000 million plastic bags are used every year & rdquor ;.

More alarming data: according to the estimate of the prestigious Ellen Mcarthur foundation, in 2050 the oceans will contain more plastics than fish, and microplastics are already invading even the abyssal zones.

‘The invisible face of the planet’, an independent social movement of people and associations that seeks to free the Earth from plastics, coordinated by the associations Ola sin plastic and Nasti de plastic, has partnered with more than 200 diving organizations, groups and clubs from different parts of Spain to clean beaches, sea beds, rivers, lakes and swamps.

The two organizations promoting the mobilization have already carried out cleaning in several places, but now they have decided to expand the initiative by allying themselves with other groups throughout Spain, considering that with specific cleaning “the problem is not solved & rdquor;

Among the actions that have been carried out so far are the one that featured the Gran Vía de Bilbao – a city classified as the cleanest in Spain – where Nasti de Plastic-Bizkaia and Bilbao NMCS collected more than 25,000 cigarette butts in solodos hours on a street that has ashtray bins. According to these two organizations, if a collection of these characteristics were carried out every day of the year, 9,125,000 cigarette butts would be collected, only on that street.

Saturday’s call aims to be more than a simple cleaning and to become, in addition, a campaign “population awareness & rdquor ;.

To sign up for this callAll you have to do is visit the entity’s website to find out where the cleaning will take place.

“The relationship between shopping and the garbage that goes to the sea & rdquor;

The objective is to give visibility to the problem of the accumulation of garbage on the seabed, involve the entire population, invite reflection on the human footprint in the different ecosystems of the planet and make it clear that cleaning is “necessary, but not enough & rdquor; .

“We want to be able to buy in supermarkets and stores without generating waste & rdquor ;, claim the members of ‘The invisible face of the planet’, who criticize what they call ‘greenwashing’ that some large companies carry out to hide their bad practices by launching campaigns, proposals or products that ensure that they are respectful with the environment, without actually being so.

The campaign that has been called for this Saturday seeks to demonstrate the connection that exists between such a routine activity as shopping with the garbage that ends up in the ocean, of which only 15% is collected on the coasts; that is to say, the invisible face of the planet, hence the name of the initiative.

Movement 83, Amend your Shit, Friends of the Earth, Ecologists in Action and Mavea, among other environmental and social groups, have joined the campaign.

“It is a voluntary work, with voluntary donations, of an independent movement& rdquor ;, points out the spokesperson for Nastic de Plastic Bizkaia, Nuria Atienza, who explains that for some of the cleaning that will be carried out they have had to pay the Coastal Department, an organization “which on many occasions does not even allow the installation of tents or containers for the collection of waste & rdquor ;.

“Given the proactive attitude of the citizenship & rdquor ;, Atienza asks for the collaboration of the administrations, because on some occasions it has taken four months to obtain a permit for cleaning on the coast. The city councils “now are opening up more to collaboration, but even so, more institutional collaboration is needed & rdquor ;, he adds.

Cleaning will be carried out in compliance with current regulations at all times due to the health situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The event is open to the public and free. It is recommended to wear gloves, although the organization will provide them to those who do not have them.

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