PUBG: Players Unite In Initiative To Take Down Title Cheats

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Cheaters have been a headache not only for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS developers, but the community has grappled with this issue for years as well. PUBG Corp. has done its best to combat cheating in Battle Royale; however, the results have not always been as expected.

Because of this, the community decided to join the fight against the Battle Royale cheaters. PUBG Corp. today announced PUBG Shield, a program where players themselves will play an important role in ending game cheating.

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PUBG Shield promises to end PUBG cheaters

Through a statement, PUBG Corp. explained that cheating is a problem that affects the entire Battle Royale community. The study stated that fighting them requires a number of fronts related to automated systems, game design changes and community reporting.

To make the fight against cheats more effective, the company announced PUBG Shield, a player-led anti-cheat initiative. All Battle Royale fans will be able to submit reports on the issue to the development team via PUBG Discord.

“Players will review the reports submitted by others and vote to determine the validity of the evidence submitted. We will then review the reports that have been voted on by the majority of the players and give our last opinion, ”confirmed PUBG Corp.

The project is currently in its closed beta, so for now few players can be part of it. However, the program will open to the rest of the community in the coming months.

PUBG Shield already gave its first results, as it was confirmed that 3000 banning was made thanks to the reports of the players. PUBG Corp. clarified that this program will not replace the reports and reports that can be made from the title.

“Even with the best automated systems, some cheats still slip out of the cracks. PUBG Shield was created to help us identify these cases with your help, ”the company added.

PUBG Shield will allow to report cheaters who use third party programs, not allowed cooperation between players, cases of lack of respect, discrimination, harassment and in general toxic behavior.

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