PSG want Pogba to be the icing on the cake

Paul Pogba is a great agitator in every market Europa Press

It is nothing new that the name of Paul Pogba sounds every summer to leave Manchester United, but it seems that this 2021 will be the final and the Frenchman will pack his bags to play at Paris Saint Germain.

The operation seems complicated. The Parisian club must make numbers to guarantee the signing, and before their arrival, exits must take place in order to respect the financial ‘fair play’.

Pogba, what contract ends in 2022, it would be the icing on a star-studded project after the signings of Sergio Ramos, Wijnaldum, Achraf and Donnarumma.

The English club, for its part, has already probed the market in search of a replacement, and everything seems to indicate that if Pogba finally comes out, United will cast the nets on Camavinga.

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