PSG continues its crusade against FC Barcelona: they don’t want Bernat to sign for free

Barcelona Y Paris Saint-Germain they are close enemies in the transfer market. Both clubs could write with Juan Bernat one more chapter in the negotiations so notorious between the Spanish and the French, who have fought in the offices over footballers such as Neymar junior or Verrati, among others. According to the newspaper L’Equipe, PSG is working to prevent Bernat from joining the Barça team next season.

The Spanish left-back ends his contract with the Parisian club next June. Barcelona would have thought of the former Valencia player to shore up their defense, something that has led Paris Saint-Germain to react quickly. Based on the information mentioned, Leonardo -the club’s sports director- would have started negotiations to renew it and prevent it from being free at the end of the season.

Last week, the sports director took advantage of the team’s trip to Barcelona to meet with Bernat’s agent and give him a first renewal offer, according to L’Equipe. The contract would be for four seasonsA great deal for a player recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

Alternative to Jordi Alba

At zero cost, something key in the midst of Barcelona’s economic crisis, Juan Bernat would arrive at the Camp Nou to replace a Junior firpo that still does not give the level that was expected. The young left-back has not been able to convince the three technicians he has had at Barcelona and everything seems to indicate that he will leave Barcelona next summer. In that case, hiring a left back would become a priority for the Barcelona sports management.

Juan Bernat would be the alternative to Jordi Alba on the left side of Barça, despite the fact that the operation seems complicated a priori. Paris Saint-Germain is a tough negotiator and more so with Barcelona, ​​a club with which they don’t exactly have a great relationship. According to L’Equipe, Leonardo is already working to renew the Spanish side and prevent him from leaving Barça for free.