“PSG and Messi? If you ask me if I am interested in Neymar and Mbappé, I will say yes”

With Messi being sanctioned for two games and days after falling in the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Club, Ronald Koeman He appeared again before the media at the press conference prior to the knockout of the Copa del Rey round of 32 against Cornellá. The Dutch coach spoke about the punishment of Messi after his attack on Villalibre and much more.


“We know that there are always surprises in the Cup. For them it is the match of the year and for us the next match. It affects artificial grass. We have to pass, but of course it is complicated. It depends a lot on the mentality of the team.

Messi sanction

«The club does not agree and we will see. I think there are things that can be defended, but it’s up to the club. I hope they reduce it. If not, two games without Leo.

Defeat Super Cup

“We were screwed after the game and the day after, it’s normal and it has to be because we were very close. They almost tied us in the last minute. There is no more time to be down. We are on the right track, especially in the league lately.

Leonardo and Messi

“Also if they ask me if I am interested in Neymar or Mbappé, I say yes”

Artificial grass

«Artificial fields, nowadays, for me it is not football. When a team of these gets a First, it is an advantage. It depends on many things”.

Eric Garcia

«I am not the one who has to command economic decisions like a signing. If the club thinks it’s not possible, we go ahead with what we have.