The words of Jean-Michel Classrooms announcing the return of the Champions League have raised quite a stir. UEFA itself has had to come out to deny the claim and now the European body can find another problem on the table. And not only with him Lyon, but also with the other French club that disputes the Champions League, the PSG.


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With their league competition totally canceled, all were joys in Paris when PSG became champion, although they were not so happy in the south because Lyon was left out of the European squares, another issue that brought queue. But the fact of knowing that they will not play anymore, now produces a dilemma. The French teams are at a disadvantage against the other teams from the other European leagues that will return to a certain normality in their respective countries when playing the league.

If the rumors that Classrooms spread are true, French teams would return to play in Champions starting on August 7 after five months without competing, something that can be catastrophic for your European ambitions.

As evidenced by different media sources in France, neither team has made their complaint to UEFA official, but both send messages of discontent at the situation in which they have been involved. His idea is ultimately threaten UEFA not to participate in the resumption of the Champions League if they are under conditions.

PSG, already qualified for the quarterfinals after beating Borussia Dortmund in a Princes’ Park and empty due to the coronavirus pandemic, was one of the last games that could be enjoyed before the confinement of much of the world.

Lyon, meanwhile, wanted to finish off the milestone of being able to eliminate the almighty Juventus after the 1-0 first leg at Parc OL. Aulas also announced that they had filed appeals to the French LFP to revoke the decision to suspend the competition in order to at least play in Europe at a competitive pace.

“The match against Juventus is confirmed for August 7, in Turin and behind closed doors. If the appeals are not successful, our club and PSG are in danger of being massacred by teams that will have a preparation that we will not have.& rdquor ;, Aulas said.