PS5 : Xbox Series X / S FPS Boost ‘requires no extra work from developers’

Sony Playstation 5 :

A few days ago Xbox announced a new feature for Xbox Series X / S, its pair of next-gen consoles: It’s all about FPS Boost, a technology that allows doubling (and even quadruple, in some cases) the framerate of some backward compatible games Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the first Xbox. So far, five games have been announced that can use this technology, although the company is working with more publishers to make more and more titles compatible.

This collaborative work with publishers is done exclusively with publishers, not with developers. This is how he explained it today Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox, in an interview with Colt Eastwood. During the talk Ronald has ensured that the developers of the games compatible with FPS Boost they don’t have to do any extra work, but they can carry it out independently as long as those responsible for the franchise agree.

Not all games will receive FPS Boost support

“We’re making it no extra development work for the developer“Jason Ronald begins by saying in the interview, before continuing to explain how they decide which games will be compatible with FPS Boost:” So in some cases the developer actually has more flexibility and control if they decide to update the title again, or if they have plans for the franchise, so is a collaboration between us and the publisher“.

Over the new Xbox games that will receive FPS Boost support, Ronald explains that it is not in their hands to make a certain game work with this technology: “We listen to the community, we feel the passion of the community, we know that there are games that the community would like to see. In some cases, due to the technique with which it was developed, we will not be able to activate [el FPS Boost]. In other cases, the developer or publisher has plans for the franchise and they will release their own updates. “

At the moment there are five games compatible with FPS Boost: Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, New Super Lucky’s Tales, UFC 4 and Sniper Elite 4. These already work with doubled fps and new additions will be announced soon.