PS5 : World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Its first patch will lead us to fight Sylvanas

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Blizzard has announced that the patch 9.1 World of Warcraft, the first major content update for its expansion Shadowlands, is called Chains of Domination and in it we will have to deal a decisive blow to the Jailer and find out what exactly Anduin Wrynn after the last sequence we saw in Torghast.

New content

As you can suppose, add a new zone for top level players called Korthia, The City of Secrets. There, as expected, we will enjoy new missions and activities as we try to discover what The Jailer is looking for.

As detailed from Blizzard, Korthia will have similar mechanics to the Battle for Azeroth invasion daily missions., with the Curias besieging key locations across Korthia that we will have to help out.

Those, The star content of this patch will be Sanctum of Domination, its new raid dungeon in which 10 bosses await us. And most importantly: Sylvanas be the one who waits for us at the end of it, a climactic confrontation that the game’s narrative has been preparing since Battle for Azeroth. Other important content that this update will also add will be a mythical dungeon with 8 bosses that is expected to be similar to Karazhan and Mechagon.

At the moment no specific date has been given for its launch, although taking advantage of all these announcements a new cinematic trailer has been distributed in which we can learn more details about how to advance the story in it.

Beyond the veil

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the latest expansion for this veteran and successful MMORPG. In it, players step into the equivalent of the Beyond of this universe to battle The Jailer, a powerful new threat. If you want to know more about everything he brings to the game, we recommend that you take a look at the analysis that we dedicate to him in Vandal.