PS5 : Twitter manages to pass Pokémon Red on a user’s avatar in 40 days

Sony Playstation 5 :

At the beginning of January we told you that some Twitter users were playing Pokémon Red Edition using commands in the social network and observing the progress through a user’s avatar, which was changing every few seconds. 40 days and more than 90,000 commands / messages later, the “Twitter Plays Pokmon” community has accomplished the feat, although Team Rocket has made things difficult for them.

The invention of programmer Constantin Litard is a script for Twitter that worked similar to Twitch Plays Pokémon 2014, only in the absence of a live broadcast of the game, here the players see the progress on the changing avatar of Litard, which varied every 15 seconds, and entered the commands (Up, Down, A, Start, etc.) responding to a tweet.

Team Rocket Strikes Again

With this process that, as in the phenomenon of 2014, has caused funny situations and unfortunate mistakeshave finally achieved defeat the High Command and capture Mewtwo, but it has not been easy at all. And it is not only because it is difficult to coordinate between hundreds of tweeters to do one action or another, but to the intervention of Team Rocket.

Team Rocket is a group of Twitter users who appeared last week with the intention of sabotaging the project, they explain from Eurogamer. It is not known how many players there are, but after several attempts to take control of the game at untimely hours, they finally managed to hinder the game Releasing five of the six Pokémon on the team: a Blastoise, a Graveller, a Fearow, a Jolteon, and a Snorlax (their names, by the way, were AMAYBE, ABBPRI, CHAD, DHY, and TPP).

Faced with that setback, and with only one Kadabra (who ended up evolved in Alakazam) in the team, the rest of the players continued firm in their intention to catch more Pokémon and finish the game. And they got it. Then they did the glitch of traveling to Isla Canela for MissingNo to appear. and confront him. On these lines you can see a gameplay fast-motion of this feat.