PS5 : Twitch Changes BlizzCon’s Metallica Music With Hilarious Results

Sony Playstation 5 :

As you well know, Blizzard held the opening ceremony of BlizzConline last Friday, an event that culminated in a Twitch broadcast of a Metallica concert. However, the streaming service has made the decision to replace the songs they played with music that is free of copyright in order to avoid potential claims for copyright reasons.

The Metallica concert

Despite your efforts, the recording of this broadcast has ended up being withdrawn from service and it can no longer be seen, although a user has uploaded the moment in which the platform changed the Metallica music for a less “problematic” one, which no waste for the hilarious results that were obtained.

Record companies vs. Twitch and content creators

Be it one way or another, copyright claims are becoming a real headache for Twitch streamers, especially since May of last year, when the representatives of the major record labels were dedicated to submitting a multitude of complaints against countless creators of content who use or have used songs protected by copyright, a situation that ended up in a great way. wave of Twitch kickouts.

So much so that in November 2020 Twitch sent a warning to its users to be careful with the music of their broadcasts and suggested that they review their files to erase any videos on which copyrighted themes might sound.

Evidently, It would be somewhat surreal if Metallica’s own record company would submit a claim against the band for one of his performances, although based on the facts it seems clear that Twitch has not wanted to risk that this could happen.

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