PS5 : Top 20 Minecraft 1.16.4 Seeds (December 2020)

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We offer you a complete list of seeds for Minecraft from December 2020, with a brief description of them and coordinates of interesting places that you should visit.

We come to the last month of the year, and the time to offer you what we consider to be the Most interesting seeds for Minecraft of the month of December and that we have found for you to live new adventures.

Every month there are hundreds and hundreds of new seeds, and we have already tried most of them to leave offering a list that we consider to be the most fun and that you should enjoy from now on in your Minecraft games.

In the next seed list for minecraft We are going to give you its coordinates, the platform to which it belongs, a brief description and some key points that you should visit in it.

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Top 20 Minecraft 1.16.4 Seeds (December 2020)

Seed: -807569075 – Platform: Bedrock

It is a seed with a great variety of biomes and as many villages that offer a beautiful landscape, and that you have as many other towns that you can visit without much difficulty, ideal for beginners.

Raider Outpost: -424 78372 Taiga Town: -287 65 548 Ruined Portal: -454 69950 Town: -280 67981

Seed: -376042977865450385 – Platform: Java

This seed is unique, since you will appear on an island with a single village and then you will see a Mushroom Island Biome that you will be able to explore, surrounded by a cold and frozen ocean.

Savanna biome: -240 66 832 Pyramid: -182 65 1263

Seed: -8993723640229201049 – Platform: Java

Ideal if you want to experiment with forest mansions, and here we have a couple of them and also very close together. There is a town nearby and a Swamp Biome that we invite you to visit.

Witch’s Hut: 56 65 68 Ruined Portal: 161 63372 Flower Forest Biome: 1177 73 533

Seed: -98141769 – Platform: Bedrock

In it we will find a savanna town that overlaps with a dark oak forest biome. You will also be near a desert with which there are three biomes connected to each other.

Great Ravine: 130 16518 Birch Forest Biome: 188 72374 Pyramid: 250 65816

Seed: 17451728208755585 – Platform: Java

Here we are going to find up to four witch huts that form a perfect square within a large Swamp Biome, so prepare to be scared.

Witch Hut 1: -140 65-160 Witch Hut 2: 0 65-157 Witch Hut 3:16 65 3 Witch Hut 4: -143 65 19

Seed: 1609055592099966422 – Platform: Java

Here we will find a huge mansion in the forest, you will also have a particular forest of flowers within walking distance.

Flower Forest: 109 64-89 Town: -140 62 801 High Birch Forest: 514 91-81 Town of the Great Plains: 694 66 72

Seed: 2945671375784082726 – Platform: Java

It is a giant taiga island with a combined mushroom island biome.

Coral Reef: 33 53388 Swamp Biome: 546 69389 Ocean Monument: 880 61-322 Shipwreck: 181 53-372

Seed: 2332439756294123069 – Platform: Java

You will start on a small mushroom island, a ruined portal that will help you to collect a lot of rewards and dedicated mainly to exploration, because there will be very few enemies.

Ruined Portal: -325 66372 Ocean Monument: 350 61864 Coral Reef Biome: 839 60569 Cold Ocean Biome with Icebergs: -582 81640

Seed: -1709005712 – Platform: Bedrock

In it you will find a natural formation in the shape of a head, and you will be on a mysterious island.

Sculpture Formation: 1117 79-320 Three Terrestrial Ocean Ruins: 986 66185 Ruined Portal: 826 67-275

Seed: 9058136630944956755 – Platform: Java

A lot of biomes in a short space, where you will find swamp, dark forest, plateau and a desert area near where you appear. You are going to find quite a few mining cart chests.

Swamp Biome: -119 63123 Dark Forest Biome: -48 78155 Ruined Portal: 38 70347 Pyramid: 100 65298 Mine: 195 64244

Seed: 1486378202 – Platform: Bedrock

The particularity of this seed is the savanna village that is partially located on a hill with a waterfall.

Haunted Town: 549 71 96 Ruined Portal: 354 77 86

Seed: 1792133092 – Platform: Bedrock

You will appear right next to a village that has a double blacksmith, and if you keep exploring all the areas you will find hot and cold places very close to each other.

Double Blacksmith Village: 539 66137 Mountain Biome: 820 115 -413

Seed: -1260790447 – Platform: Bedrock

You will go out in two towns and large ravines, and it is ideal for you to start building your settlement because it is a fairly wide plain, and you will also find several towns within the Desert Biome.

Plains Town: 137 66-236 Plains Town: 85 69 209

Seed: 2301921242093702527 – Platform: Java

This seed is inside a very large jungle Biome where you will be able to find parrots if you want to experiment and tame them, you will also find a mysterious temple.

Jungle Temple: 149 66 62 Swamp Biome: 23 64 68

Seed: 1372924966865103357 – Platform: Java

You will find yourself in a Savannah Biome where there is a looter outpost, but you could visit the large desert next to you, which has multiple pyramids.

Raider Outpost: 89 76-7 Pyramid: 42 74297 Great Desert Village: 22 63 546 Ruined Portal: 179 70662

Seed: 6221318995556678784 – Platform: Java

This time we are going to be right next to a town and with a plateau Biome next to it, and you could visit the swamp that has a witch hut.

Mesa Biome: -155 82 69 Swamp Biome: -281 63302 Witch’s Hut: -443 66368

Seed: 14916203336864 – Platform: Java

You are going to start in the Jungle Biome that has a nearby temple that you can enter to get a lot of free loot.

Large Rainforest Biome: 36 75-578 Snow Taiga Biome: -410 70-286 Ice Peak Biome: -510 65175 Savanna Biome: -368 71 333 Desert Biome: -136 69312

Seed: -5256854541870744071 – Platform: Java

You will come out in front of a Village Biome and a Mushroom Island, the good thing that the Mushroom Island Biomes are full of enemies so it is a good place for combat training.

Savanna Biome: 115 64-165 Shipwreck: -197 59-224 Desert Pyramid: 704 65 10

Seed: 546581295959790967 – Platform: Java

You will appear near a village, but the idea is that you go towards the desert area and locate an extraction well near the village of the plains.

Ruined Portal: -524 74-635 Ocean Monument: 302 61654

Seed: -931867804274397901 – Platform: Java

You will go out in a flower forest Biome where you will be able to find bees and collect honey, so you can use it to try to tame these insects.

Swamp Biome: 100 63 -422 Ruined Portal: 227 64-542 Taiga Town: 127 62 -795

Now you know which are the most recommended seeds for Minecraft for the month of December 2020, with the most interesting places that you can visit in each of them. If you need more tricks do not forget to consult our general guide of Minecraft, best seeds about temples, great seeds of terror, the best seeds of October, December and November, and the best seeds of August, September, January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, May 2020, June 2020, July 2020, August 2020, September 2020 and October 2020m and November 2020.