PS5 : Time includes PS5 and Xbox Series S in its list of best inventions of 2020

Sony Playstation 5 :

This is the year of the new generation of consoles, something that in Spain we have known for a few days thanks to launches of both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that Microsoft has put on sale.

Precisely the prestigious magazine Time is no stranger to these releases and has decided include both PS5 and Xbox Series S (yes, the S, not the X) in your annual list of the 100 best inventions 2020 innovators in multiple fields, a list that is full of products or technologies that, for Time’s editors, are “making the world better, smarter and even a little more fun.”

According to the journalists and the rest of the jury listed for Time, Playstation 5 has been chosen by having “small advancements that combine to deliver a revolutionary experience. The loading times are practically instantaneous thanks to its SSD, the graphics is almost 10 times faster than that of the PS4 which allows us to have beautiful graphics and its new controller has liver feedback that adds a new dimension to the game. “

Time cover with the best inventions of 2020

Xbox Series S, a combination of power, silence and services

For his part Xbox Series S has been chosen for its power, silence while playing video games and also for its service in the form of Game PassNot to mention its older sister, Series X, because they have probably also taken into account the reduced price of Series S of 299 euros.

“The new video game console from this technology giant is much more than a new generation video game device, is the basis of what could become the Netflix of video games“says Time.” Series S’s secret weapon is Game Pass, a subscription service where new hits like Halo Infinite will appear on the same day as their traditional release. “

“And those games look even smoother, the Seires S ($ 299) can run high-resolution games at 120 fps, a 100% increase over its predecessor, Xbox One. Plus, since there’s no disc drive, the S Series works almost silently which makes it easy to focus on video games, “concludes Time.