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PS5 : They rescue a prototype of the canceled Dinosaur Planet for Nintendo 64

Sony Playstation 5 :

Star Fox Adventures, launched in Spain in 2002, is a game highly remembered by many gamers. Game Cube, because it was not only a very fun adventure and with a very advanced audiovisual aspect for its time that allowed us to accompany Fox McCloud on a journey in true The Legend of Zelda style, it was also Rare’s last work for Nintendo.

The rescue of the canceled original version of a classic

As many of you already know, the title was not originally conceived as a GameCube work, not even as a Star Fox game, but as an adventure destined for Nintendo 64 that was initially to be called Dinosaur Planet.

Now, the Forest of Illusion portal, specialized in the preservation of Nintendo’s history, has been able to acquire a disc from a private video game collector that contained a build of the canceled version of Nintendo 64 dated December 1, 2000.

The prototype

Being a very advanced build, Includes Star Fox elements, such as Fox McCloud as protagonist, and even though it’s not fully playable yet, I know has allowed us to get a great look at what this interesting original version of Star Fox Adventures looked like, as it has been published so that anyone who is interested in it can download it.

As you can intuit, in it you can already see many similarities with the final version that ended up reaching storeslike how we can order Tricky to help us on our journey. Of course, there are also very striking changes, such as the fact that Fox wields a sword instead of a staff. In this same news you will find a 50 minute video where you can see the prototype in question to see for yourselves what the game would have looked like had it finally been released on Nintendo 64.