PS5 : They find a prototype of a Green Lantern video game for Super Nintendo

Sony Playstation 5 :

In the world of video games there are many games with moderate or great success, titles well known for their popularity among gamers and even for being a real fiasco (did someone say ET?) Going in one way or another to the history of the video game. .

However there is another handful of titles that escape us, canceled projects that have never seen the sunlight because, at one time or another, its development went awry or the company in charge of creating it believed that it was not of sufficient quality or that it was not going to succeed in the market.

One of these unknown games is what the video game historian has found Liam Robertson that, with the help of Frank gasking have managed to get hold of a prototype cartridge of a video game of the superhero Green Lantern that was never released for the Super Nintendo.

A work with origin in the year 1991

In 1991 the Ocean Software company began to work on the first version of this Green Lantern game, the studio had been successful developing other titles of the DC universe and they had planned to release this title for computers and Amiga until the project was canceled.

Years later, in 1993, Ocean decided to resume the project using some materials and technologies from 1991 and this time targeting the Super Nintendo console. But nevertheless, after several changes and delays, the studio decided to cancel the video game of which we know today thanks to the work of these two historians.