PS5 : These are the most downloaded Android games on each continent

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In the Android mobile games most popular all over the world there is a genre that stands out clearly above the rest: battle royale. Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the increasingly popular Garena Free Fire are phenomenal phenomena in the most important portion of the video game industry, according to a report published by independent analysts Uptodown.

The aforementioned firm has revealed which are the most downloaded titles for the Google operating system, all of them free, on every continent. In Europe triumphs the success of Epic Games, Fortnite: Battle Royale with 5.27 million downloads, while in Africa and Asia the most popular is PUBG Mobile, the adapted version of the PUBG Corp. game that started the phenomenon on PC and consoles. In Africa has downloaded 7.34 million times.

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Meanwhile, in Asia triumphs PUBG Mobile Lite (31.94 million downloads), a reduced version of the game both in visual detail and in the size it occupies in the devices, focused on mid-range phones. The Uptodown report highlights the ability of a game has low technical specifications as a requirement for its success, something that is also demonstrated with Garena Free Fire, the battle royale that has achieved 13.14 million downloads in South America.

The games on the two remaining continents belong to other genres, while reducing the amount of downloads. In North america The most popular is Gacha Life, a title based on which players create anime-style characters to interact with them in scenarios and mini-games, with 2.81 million downloads. Two games by the Finnish SuperCell triumph in Oceana: Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans; the latter is the dominant with 20,000 downloads.

The most downloaded games by countries

They have also published what are the games most downloaded in some countries from each continent, although Spain does not enter the list:

USA: Gacha Life (2.67m)Russia: Brawl Stars: (2.90m)India: PUBG Mobile Lite (28.78m)Indonesia: Sakura School Simulator (1.98m)Turkey: Brawl Stars (2.43m)Germany: Fortnite (0.56m)Egypt: PUBG Mobile (7.35m)Angola: eFootball PES (0.02m)