PS5 : The Waylanders, the Galician role-playing game, will receive two more updates in 2020

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The Waylanders, the role-playing game that allows players to immerse themselves in a fairy tale Galicia, prepare two more updates before the end of the year. As detailed by the development team Cat Studio, which indicates that these two patches improve “multiple aspects” of the title– From its gameplay when it comes to combat, to kinematics or sound, along with two new missions. In addition, they will also add the Photo mode. Below we detail the roadmap predicted by the study.

The Waylanders: Its Upcoming Contents

The Waylanders is preparing to say goodbye to the year with a recent update which adds two new missions: The Corrupted Coven Y The Agate Eye, which allow players to travel to the caves of the Underworld. In this way, Act 1 of the game is also concluded. In addition, this patch also offers users a combat tutorial, interface improvements, and fixes for bugs and errors that have been detected by the community.

But this is not all the content to get to The Waylanders: there are three updates planned between December 2020 and January 2021, with which will be included combat enhancements, Photo Mode, player-suggested content, and new languages As the Spanish, Galician, French, German, Chinese and Russian.

The Waylanders receives new content

The Corrupted Coven and The Agate Eye, two new missions before dismissing 2020

In The Waylanders we find a story where the players embody a character able to travel “without ties” between the Celtic Era and Medieval times. “Jumping over a thousand years into the future means a big change. Stone constructions have replaced lush green forests; robes and heavy armor have taken the limelight away from cloaks and bandages; metal is much more common “, are the aesthetic differences that we can find between both ages. “The passage of time will not have been kind to your immortal friends”.

We remind you that the game is available on PC through Steam in the Early Access phase, for a price of 34.99, and on GOG.