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PS5 : The Sony logo on the PS5 DualSense is not well centered

Sony Playstation 5 :

Last Thursday the new generation Sony console was launched in Spain, Playstation 5, which has been talked about at length over the last few days thanks to its games, some normal software bugs when a new product arrives, and also thanks to its command, the DualSense, which has already surprised the media and is now doing the same with players who already have PS5 in their possession.

Without going any further today, the command is once again the protagonist but this time out of curiosity in the form of small typo which, luckily, does not affect the capabilities of the remote control at all since it is only a failure when placing the Sony brand logo on some units.

As you have discovered Ted timmis, director of game design for Far Cry 6, the sony logo that we can find just below the USB-C port to charge the controller not entirely well focused on some units. For example, in Ted’s case it is 1 millimeter off-center to the left and it is also slightly tilted another millimeter, something that is practically indistinguishable to the naked eye unless you have a “hawk’s eye.”

However in other cases such as Darryn bonthuys, a journalist for GameSpot, this error is much more noticeable with the logo of yore quite deviated to the left, something that, obviously, does not affect the capabilities of the control at all and that is a simple curiosity rather than a problem in itself, although Sony surely takes note to correct the error in the DualSense production chain.

A command full of news

The DualSense has become a controller in its own right that has surprised players thanks to its hepatic feedback that, if used well as in Astro’s Playroom, can make us feel how we walk on different surfaces and all kinds of sensations in the hands in a quite realistic way.

Another of the benefits of the command are adaptive triggers that, for example, in NBA 2K21 they change their resistance depending on how fatigued the player is, noticing how it costs us more to press the run button if he is very tired or after a long sprint.