PS5 : The PS5’s DualSense improves its compatibility with Steam: LEDs, gyroscope, vibration and more

Sony Playstation 5 :

A few days ago Valve announced that the DualSense, the PS5 controller, was already compatible with the beta version of the Steam client. Today, coinciding with the launch of the console in countries such as Spain or the United Kingdom, the gaming platform has been updated to finish adding certain functionalities controller that were not yet available on PC.

And so far things like the DualSense LED, its vibration, its gyroscope or its touch panel they weren’t compatible with Steam. Now the company has announced in a recent update that these four functionalities are already available in the beta version of the program, so the PS5 controller has more and more functions on PC.

Detail of the DualSense, the PS5 controller.

In addition, the beta version of the Steam client has also received a swipe mode that takes advantage of the touch panel and gyroscope of both this remote control and other devices. As with the rest of the functionalities, the compatibility with these characteristics depends on each game. Yes, at the moment there is no talk about compatibility with their adaptive triggers.

DualSense, the biggest revolution in a Sony remote

The DualSense It is one of the main novelties of PS5; It is a new generation remote control that includes a improved liver response thanks to its high definition vibration and adaptive triggers that can modify its rigidity to adapt to various situations in video games. It also includes a new noise-canceling microphone and an improved touch panel.

In Vandal We have been able to test both the controller and the console in depth, and in fact in our PS5 analysis we say of the DualSense that “it is the greatest revolution in a Sony controller, and we believe that it has been for the better, at the moment we are liking it a lot, although we have still tried it with very few titles. With hepatic feedback and adaptive triggers as the most important novelties, Astro’s Playroom is the game that shows you how much this can give of itself, being very surprising. “