PS5: The Pro is dead, long live the Pro

Today is one of those hard days in which life is responsible for reminding you that, boy, you are older. What are we going to do … law of life … time passes … we live on memories … Phrases of those Mr. Wonderful that can come bareback for a day when Konami has decided to kill the Pro. Or well, what was left of him because, let’s not put on blindfolds, he had been dead for a few years now.

Where it all started …

The death certificate will say that the patient, seriously injured for a long time, died at the end of the 2020-21 season, but the truth is that this commoner, who has lived in the shadow of the FIFA King for more than a decade, was once able to from climbing step by step from below to end up snatching the monarch crown of football simulators from the product of EA Sports. Who played FIFA during the years 2004 to 2009?

When you could play dressed up as penins …

Castolo and his friends

That was the golden stage of Pro Evolution Soccer, or just Pro, if you like, as a generation of gamers who grew up with Castolo, Ximelez, Espimas met him and company in a Master League that is already part of the past and that knew how to hook us like never before has a FIFA Career Mode (will the 22nd be the beginning of a new era in this?).

The playability of those games, which took a good path in the wake of Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (2003-04 season), with Collina on the cover reached its high point in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (2006-07 season), with that unforgettable Adriano Leite delighting a generation.


In fact, I am not exaggerating if I say that Adriano is the player of a simulator that has most transcended generations of history. Who remembers the flying platinum card sbc stats maximum full of Cristiano Ronaldo from FIFA 17? Now … who remembers Hadrian’s 99 shooting power?nothing but dissir …

In addition, we discovered that there were people who were dedicated to making PES ‘mods’. Someone did not play PES 6 with the comments of Andrs Montes? Where are the Salinas keys !? This was the closest thing to touching the sky with a console.

The feelings …

The gameplay was the perfect mix between arcade and simulation. And for those who wanted to go a little further, there was always the possibility of putting ostrich suits on your footballers and playing on the bird. Or with a penguin costume… Because ‘the Pro’ taught us to daydream with a sports simulator. And to shoot with the square, everything is said.

Today, the Pro is dead. The one who was king of the simulators throws in the towel. Long live the Pro.

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