PS5 : The Medium presents a chilling action-packed live-action trailer

Sony Playstation 5 :

The Medium prepares to debut in the Spanish market and worldwide the January 28, at which point the title of Bloober Team you can enjoy both on PC and Xbox Series X / S. To help players immerse themselves in the history of this title, from Xbox They have published an impressive live-action trailer that allows us to know the protagonist more in depth: Marianne, a medium to carry out research for which you will have to move between the real and the spiritual world. We leave you with progress below:

The Medium: Marianne, her powers, and her research

Although it is difficult to know if these same scenes can be enjoyed in the game, the truth is that the trailer does a good function when it comes to communicate the tone and atmosphere that we will discover in The Medium. It also allows us to see how the powers of Marianne, our protagonist, work in a more cinematic way: we can see how it moves between environments that belong to the real world and others that are part of the spiritual.

What we can also expect to find in the game are these desolate, abandoned settings that have that post-apocalyptic touch that lovers of the genre will probably like a lot. They also appear some creatures that will make the hair stand on end to the players, like that gigantic 8-armed monster that seems to be quite a challenge to fight. It remains to be seen how all these pieces fit together.

Marianne, a medium to travel to a hotel to start an investigation

The story of The Medium leads us to accompany Marianne to an abandoned hotel complex. There, we will have to help her clarify the truth about a strange tragedy related to the murder of minors. Meanwhile, our protagonist will be dealing with her own demons. We will have to solve puzzles, discover the secrets that are hidden in the different scenarios and present battle to the enemies that will cross our path. Yesterday, the game presented its trailer using RTX technology.

We really want to play The Medium well. Classic-style horror adventures with fixed cameras are scarce, and the new Bloober Team could well fill that void in the genre, “we wrote in our impressions. We remind you that the title will debut on both PC and Xbox Series X / S on January 28.