PS5 : The first Nioh will add a photo mode in the remaster for PS5

Sony Playstation 5 :

The enhanced version of Nioh for Playstation 5 add a photo mode, as announced by Koei Tecmo through the social network Twitter. The functionality was already available in Nioh 2, which will also have its remastering on Sony’s next generation console. However, it has not been announced whether the available on PC version or if it will be added as a free update to the PS4 version.

Team Ninja and editor Koei Tecmo announced Nioh Collection mid November. The collection includes remastered versions of the two installments of the series and all additional content. Its release date is set for February 5, 2021 exclusively for PS5 and will be priced at 79.99 euros.

The same day they will be released Nioh Remastered: The Complete Edition Y Nioh 2 Remastered: The Complete Edition for PS5 at a price of 59.99 each. Those who have one of these two games on PlayStation 4 with all the additional content can update free to the new generation version.

Remasters add graphical improvements to the original work of Team Ninja, as you can see in the video inserted below these lines, but efforts have also been made in performance. You can play up to 120 frames per second (on compatible televisions and monitors), but there will also be a way to view it 4K resolution (It has not been specified whether to be native).

Nioh 2 coming to PC on February 5

In addition, also on February 5, 2021, Nioh 2- The Complete Edition to PC via Steam. Compatible players will be able to enjoy the original game with all the additional content included, as well as have graphical improvements and exclusive functionalities of this version: compatibility with ultra-wide screens and framerate unlocked.

All of these announcements came before the finishing touch to the game was put on, which won’t be complete until December 17 of this year, when the additional content is released The first samuri on the PS4 version. The DLC is used to introduce a difficulty level additional, but the expansion alone will have “some of the most challenging missions and the most powerful rivals in the entire series.”