PS5 : The creators of Little Nightmares distance themselves from the saga; Bandai Namco wants to continue it

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Andreas Johnsson, CEO of Tarsier Studios, has given an interview to IGN on the occasion of the recent release of Little Nightmares II. In it he has talked about the future of the saga and has announced that this has been the last game they develop within this franchiseAlthough Bandai Namco has confirmed that they want to continue launching new installments of this IP, which by the way belongs to them.

The head of the Swedish study has spoken about how during these last six years have been working on their mission to create stunning worlds, something they accomplished with “great success” with the first Little Nightmares. On the way has praised the relationship with Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe assuring that “it has been extremely satisfactory” because “they listened to his creative vision” and his “crazy ideas and ambitions”, all this before announcing that they stopped working on the saga.

“Having said that, It’s a bit bittersweet to announce that we left the world of Little Nightmares behind“, Andreas Johnsson revealed in the interview, making it clear that it will always be a saga loved by the studio. From now on Tarsier Studios will focus on “create new IPs and explore new worlds” from the hand of Embracer Group, a company that acquired the studio in 2019. Thus they open a “new chapter” for which Johnsson says he is “very excited to see what our study creates” and eager that they can share it with the fans.

Bandai Namco wants to continue the saga

But, what about Little Nightmares? Following the interview, IGN contacted Bandai namco to ask him about the future of the saga, something to which a company spokesperson has responded that they feel “full of energy to offer more content in the future.”. As we said before, the IP of this saga belongs to Bandai Namco, so it is the publisher’s decision to continue the franchise, even if it has to be with another studio.

Capture of Little Nightmares.

The last game in this particular horror saga is Little Nightmare II, a game Available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch and that this year I will receive a version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. In Vandal we have already been able to test his proposal and in our analysis we say of it that “it manages to offer variety, fun, fear and some quite memorable moments”.