PS5 : The classic Legend of Mana will arrive remastered to PS4, PC and Switch on June 24

Sony Playstation 5 :

Square Enix has had an interesting presence in the Nintendo Direct de hoy -whose broadcast in Spanish you can see here- where, in addition to presenting his ambitious Project Triangle Strategy, he announced that Legend of Mana coming to Nintendo Switch next June 24. Although it was not mentioned in the event, for obvious reasons, the company has subsequently confirmed that this classic will also arrive the same day on PS4 and PC via Steam.

Legend of mana It was originally released between 1999 (in Japan) and 2000 (in all other markets) exclusively for the first PlayStation, although later it could also be played on PS3. Now comes with a remastered version in high definition that also includes new features, some specified in the first trailer, which you can see under these lines.

New soundtrack and an indito minigame in the West

Among those characteristics we can find improvements such as new arrangements on the soundtrack (although you will also be given a choice between playing with the new remastered music or, on the contrary, doing it with the original) and the option to disable enemy encounters. This relaunch of Legend of Mana will also bring us a curious minigame called Ring Ring Land that was played with the Pocket Station and was never released in the West.

Capture the version

In Legend of Mana a adventure whose objective is find the mystical Mana Tree that we have only seen in dreams. The interesting thing about this title is that the world map is empty and we will be the ones who will fill it by placing in it those artifacts that we find in our travels: doing so will generate cities and dungeons that will help us advance in this mysterious story.

As we said at the beginning, Legend of Mana coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on June 24.