PS5 : Take-Two: They bet on perfection rather than rush when launching a game

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Take-Two, a company that includes Rockstar already 2K Games, has offered his point of view when it comes to approaching the development of video games. After all, they know something about it after Grand Theft Auto V, a game released in 2014, has surpassed 140 million copies sold. The CEO of the firm, Strauss Zelnick, has been in charge of fencing that in his company they prefer to opt for perfection rather than rushing when launching a game. His words come after we have attended the disastrous premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED, which debuted in Spain and around the world last November.

Take-Two and its philosophy when launching a game

During the recent meeting with investors from Take-Two Interactive, Executive Director Strauss Zelnick wanted to address the issue of launching Cyberpunk 2077, which arrived full of errors and with serious optimization problems on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms. Under the wings of Take-Two, Rockstar has released titles as ambitious and huge as the aforementioned GTA V or the recent Red Dead Redemption 2, while other brands of the company have also managed to offer users an excellent level of polish.

Zelnick maintains that this approach is an essential part of the development process at Take-Two. In this sense, it indicates that the company prefers “wait until perfection” rather than rushing game releases to meet planned release dates. “We have the most autocratic group I have ever come across”Zelnick said. “How else do we maintain our commitment to quality, ensuring that our creative teams pursue what they are passionate about and not pursue something they are not passionate about? And maintaining operational and financial discipline at the same time. The effect of that is that we can have long development cycles, and we have been criticized for it. “

“It is always better to wait for perfection”

It is always better to wait for perfection if you can create perfection and all of our labels seek perfection, and we don’t always succeed. Sometimes we fall short, but that’s the goal, “Zelnick continued.” These times make us sharpen our minds still sharpen and sharpen our discipline and try harder. So yeah, I mean It’s great that Rockstar Games continues to release additional content and additional content for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online “.

While players are still waiting for news of Grand Theft Auto VI, in the meantime Zelnick remains firm on the company’s stance on its long development times: “That is an unwavering commitment and it is part of our strategy and it comes from the top of the company.. We are prepared to accept results when we fall short in terms of time or when we sometimes spend a little more than we would like because always worth it“.