PS5 : Square Enix will release more information on Final Fantasy 16 in 2021

Sony Playstation 5 :

Final Fantasy XVI was announced for PS5 in the presentation event of the Sony console whose summary in Spanish you can read here, but at that time It was not specified when it would go on sale. At the moment there are not few details that we know about this game and we have already seen an extensive trailer with actual graphics that were still in development, but apparently we’ll have to wait until next year for more information.

The game’s official Twitter accounts, both Japanese and English, have published a new message today, sharing that first trailer of Final Fantasy XVI again. Apparently both have rescued that video to warn that in 2021 they will give more information about this new project of the Square Enix saga, also taking the opportunity to congratulate the coming parties to the entire community.

Everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI

Until recently, all we knew about Final Fantasy XVI was speculation based on certain information that came with a dropper, such as that the state of its development is quite advanced or that it has been in development for four years. However Square Enix published new information about the game on its official website, details of its plot that came along with new illustrations.

Thanks to this we know that the story takes place in Valisthea, a land with huge crystals called Mother Crystals or Mothercrystals, who have brought prosperity to the region but have also created dispute between nations such as the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Kingdom of Waloed, Republic of Dhalmekia, Kingdom of Iron and Crystalline Domain, each with their own cultures and ideologies. In Final Fantasy XVI the story is told at a point in which the peace between these nations begins to destabilize.

We also know, in the words of Square Enix itself, that Final Fantasy XVI be exclusive to PS5, so in principle it does not reach other platforms. It remains to be seen when the release date of this new installment.