PS5 : Square Enix presents Project Triangle Strategy, a tactical RPG coming to Switch in 2022

Sony Playstation 5 :

During the Nintendo Direct of today -whose broadcasting you can see live and in Spanish here- the new project that Square enix preparing for the hybrid console: this is Project Triangle Strategy, an ambitious strategy and role-playing game that It will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022. Those, at the end of this presentation you can download a free demo let us take the first look at this proposal.

Project Triangle Strategy arrives to revive the genre of tactical RPGs in the most traditional but ambitious way possible: what we have seen in its presentation video is a Tactical RPG with isometric perspective that combines pixel art drawing with three-dimensional settings, giving a sense of depth that goes perfectly with this style of play. Can you see the official trailer under these lines.

Each player can live a unique adventure

As you have seen, Project Triangle Strategy cCombine narrative scenes with decision-making with strategic combat on stages at various heights. During his presentation, a lot of emphasis was placed on the amount of possibilities that players will be able to experience throughout the adventure, even going so far as to ensure that the choices we make with our heroes will lead us to live unique moments that may have nothing to do with it. with which other players experience.