PS5 : Sony undecided on whether or not to expand the PS Plus Collection game catalog

Sony Playstation 5 :

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan isn’t sure he knows the direction of the service as of now.

The new generation Sony with PS5 was put on sale in the rest of the world -including Spain- in the past November 19th. Although for now there are not many next generation games to accompany it, there are many titles to play for PS4. PS Plus Collection will allow access to great free PS4 games for PS5 users.

In addition, you will enjoy the advantages that will offer the new Sony console and even, shortly before the machine went on sale, Sony announced three new additions to the service. With these, a list of games is left with a total of 20 PS4 titles that will be free on PS5. But,there will be more?

Good at it It seems that Sony is still not sure. In an interview for GQ, Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, was sincere when commenting that they were not sure where to go with the system. The main thing was that newcomers to PS5 could come back to enjoy good games. However, it seems that they will wait to see how the PS Plus Collection is used before continuing to add.

You can now officially pre-order the new PlayStation 5, a console that promises to sweep the international scene for several years.

“Well, we will have to wait and see how the world receives PS Plus Collection, the games that are played and how much, before making decisions. We think that it is going to be potentially a great acquisition for users because, if never you have had PS4, and choose now PS5, basically you are going to have a PS4, right? “

For the moment, and as we have indicated, the list of games added to the service so far, is pretty solid. But surely more than one user would not say no to a few more, ¿¿it is not true? Ryan spoke yesterday of possible changes for PlayStation Now, so a system like Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation It would not be unreasonable, although you never know.

Sony engineers wanted to design a PS5 that would cost $ 1,000, according to Jim Ryan

¿What is the PlayStation Plus Collection missing right now??