PS5 : Sony offers an official solution to the PS5 download queue bug

Sony Playstation 5 :

This week we are talking about an annoying bug that was affecting a number of PlayStation 5 users, which caused the download queue to get stuck and it was impossible to download games that we want to install and play.

The solution to the annoying download queue bug

Initially the only solution users found to fix this was to reboot the console completely and return it to factory defaults with all the inconveniences that doing that entailed. Fortunately, Sony has issued an official statement to explain how we can get rid of this programming error without resorting to such drastic measures.

As we are informed from the official PlayStation account, The first thing we will have to do is update our PS5 to the latest available version of its operating system and start it in safe mode. To do this, we will have to turn off the console and turn it on by holding down the button on the machine for several seconds until we hear a second beep that should sound after 7 seconds.

Once this is done, connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. At this time The Safe Mode menu should appear, where you must choose the option “Rebuild database”. After that, the bug should have been fixed and you should be able to download your games again.

PlayStation 5 sold out throughout Spain

PlayStation 5 is already on sale in Spain, although as we informed you yesterday, both its first and second batch, scheduled for mid-December, are already sold out. You can know everything about the console thanks to our guide and the analysis that we dedicate to it in Vandal.