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For a few months it has been warned about the possibility that the new consoles sell out quickly in their presales. In the case of PlayStation 5, today the price of its standard and digital versions was revealed and although it was reported that the pre-sale would start tomorrow, some chains were ahead, which allowed us to see the behavior of the market before the announcement.

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A few minutes ago, the Twitter celebrity, Wario64, reported that the pre-sale of the 2 PS5 models was activated in the Walmart United States online store. Well, before the announcement, the players immediately turned to the site and the result was that in a matter of minutes, the pre-orders were finished. So far it has not been confirmed if this happened because, indeed, the available units were immediately removed, or because the page was saturated, however, fans who have tried to get the console receive the message that the product no longer available.

Also, it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility that the activation of the pre-sale has been an error because it was opened early, but some fans did manage to separate one of the 2 PS5 models and their order has already been confirmed.

PlayStation 5 will debut on November 12 and its 2 models already have an official price in Mexico, in this link you will know how much the standard edition and the digital edition will cost you, waiting for the pre-sales that could be activated at any time.

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