PS5 : Six New Games Join PS Now in December: Horizon Zero Dawn, The Surge 2, and More

Sony Playstation 5 :

PlayStation Spain has announced today which games will join in December PS Now, its cloud and subscription gaming service that is available to PS5, PS4 and PC. Members subscribed to this digital platform will be able to enjoy a new batch of six sets which are already available in the catalog.

These are the games that join the PS Now catalog from today, December 1st:

Action, open world, destruction races and survival

Horizon Zero DawnGuerrilla Games’ acclaimed open-world action and survival play was now available on the PlayStation subscription game service, but this time he arrives with The Frozen Wilds, the great expansion that leads Aloy to explore the borderlands of the Banuk tribe of survivors.

Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die last, which at the moment is the only game that has an availability deadline, proposes a brutal game of destruction races that allows players to slam into rival cars to prevent them from reaching the finish line before them. It features an acclaimed realistic physics simulation system signed by Bugbear, a studio we know for having created the FlatOut series.

Stranded Deep is a stifling title of survival in which we start alone, at sea, with the only help of an inflatable barge and a primitive tool. From there we will have to move to look for supplies, exploring both the deep sea and the land masses that we discover. Be aware of hunger, thirst, and weather conditions, as well as dangerous Pacific creatures.

The Surge 2 takes us back to Jericho City to finish what we started in the first installment. East futuristic-cut soulslike It presents us with a brutal combat that allows us to cut off the limbs of the rivals and arm ourselves with it to improve our team. It’s a sequel that well deserves its name: it brings a wider arsenal, more armor, new abilities and implants and allied drones, plus a more ambitious and varied world, of course.

Darksiders III is the third installment of this acclaimed action saga hacknslash in which players can now control Fury, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse: this new protagonist brings her own powers and abilities, among which her magic and a powerful whip stand out, something to use in her goal of getting rid of the seven Sins Capitals. All to restore balance to the forces that plague humanity.

BroforceFinally, it is a frenetic action game in two dimensions that is ideal to play together. We control a small soldier in pixel art in the middle of an explosive high voltage mission. All the stereotypes of the action movies of the eighties are represented here as an exaggerated parody, something that favors a nice and fun gameplay that is great to have a good time at the controls.

PS Now is a subscription game service that isIt is available on PS5 and PS4, as well as on PC for streaming game. It includes more than 700 games from the PS4, PS3 and PS2 libraries and in Spain it can be purchased in three subscription models: one monthly for 9.99 , another quarterly for 24.99 and another annual for 59.99 .