PS5 : Silent Hill would have at least two deliveries in development, one of them by Bloober Team

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The return of Silent Hill is one of the most rumored projects in recent months, especially recently because of some statements by the composer Akira Yamaoka in which he dropped that he is participating in a new installment of the saga that will be presented this summer. One of Yamaoka’s last jobs was to put music on The Medium, the latest game from the Polish studio. Bloober Team, and now the CEO of this team has said in an interview that they are working on a new horror video game “with a very famous editor”.

The words of Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team, in an interview with Gameindustry they have been understood as a veiled announcement that they are the ones who are working on the new installment of Silent Hill, especially since he also says that the fans will be delighted with the news when it is revealed: “We’ve been working for over a year on another video game project, another horror franchise, and we are doing it with a very famous editor. I can’t tell you who, I can’t tell you what project it is, but I’m sure when people realize that we are working on it they will get very excited“, he says in the interview.

There will be a second Silent Hill reboot in development

However, the specialized media VGC has echoed these statements and added a piece of information that twists the gossip even more: yesAccording to information from close sources, Konami would also have commissioned a reboot from a “prominent Japanese developer” of which he did not want to give the name. This doesn’t mean that Bloober Team isn’t working on a new Silent Hill, just that there will be at least two new installments on the way. The sources that have provided this information to VGC assure that the japanese reboot will also be announced in summer.

If all this information turns out to be true, Konami will present a couple of new games in the Silent Hill saga in summer, and it is possible that each of them has a different perspective: for example, Piotr Babieno says in the interview that his next game will be in the first person and will have more action with deeper mechanics, so the other reboot in development has a different style. Another detail that confirms the multiple delivery theory is that VGC has information that Supermassive, creators of the Dark Pictures saga, was about to have a project related to Silent Hill but finally did not reach an agreement with Konami.

For the moment we must take this information as rumors and theories; We will have to wait until summer to see if Konami finally announces new games in the Silent Hill saga or not.