PS5 : Several Spanish stores open PS5 reservations again: These are the hours

Sony Playstation 5 :

Playstation 5 It is already on sale in Spain. Players who were able to reserve it in the first wave of September and in the limited successive campaigns will receive it today in their homes and in their trusted stores. But some stores will have a limited replenishment of stock of the console this Thursday, November 19, both of the standard version of PS5 with disc reader for 499 as of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition of 399 .

Each of these online stores open the PS5 reservations at a different time. Unfortunately, neither the Japanese company nor the businesses have announced how many units They will have it available so you set the alarm on your mobile so you don’t run out of the new Sony console. Keep in mind that these reservations are not to have the machine on launch day (today), but for the next shipment.

Without further ado, we leave you with the Schedule (Spanish peninsular time):

GAME (Starting at 9:00; anticipate 50 to reserve) – Standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

MediaMarkt (As of 9:00 AM) – Standard PS5 (Sold Out) and PS5 Digital Edition

FNAC (Starting at 9:30 AM; delivery starting December 15) – PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital Edition (Sold Out)

The English Court (As of 10:00) – PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital Edition

Xtralife (As of 12:00) – PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital Edition

Amazon (As of 1:00 PM) – PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital Edition

At the time of writing this news, the GAME website is not operational.

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