PS5 : Roblox: Rapper Lil Nas X’s concert drew 33 million players

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Roblox has dazzled players in Spain and around the world, thanks to its colorful formula and some mechanics that allow users full freedom to create their own titles. Having generated more than $ 2 billion in mobile devices, the game of ROBLOX Company I organized a concert last weekend with the rapper Lil Nas X which was a great success: I ended up gathering 33 million players on Saturday and Sunday.

Roblox and the concert with rapper Lil Nas X: more than 30 million players

The concert of Lil Nas X in Roblox it was a great success. The rapper did not hesitate to take control of the Roblox video game, a title that has surpassed Minecraft in number of monthly players, to premiere his new song: Holiday. The collaboration culminated in a warm welcome from the players: as The Verge reports, 33 million people dived into the game to enjoy all four performances of Lil Nas X that took place between Saturday and Sunday.

If ROBLOX Company intended to organize festivals and concerts within this platform, these figures will undoubtedly encourage the firm to implement its plans without any hint of doubt. On Roblox, players can create their own games and models, share them with the community, and thus create an influx of content on the platform.

ROBLOX Company plans to host more festivals and concerts on Roblox

It is not the first time that Roblox has hosted an event of this style: last month, it organized a party also to celebrate the release of the album of the star Ava Max, which was attended by more than a million people. However, the figures obtained by the Lil Nas X concert cause that this type of format is imposed in the game in a much more solid way.

The platform, available for Xbox One, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad, was preparing to go public in the United States last October, valued at 4 billion dollars. The title debuted on computers 14 years ago, and enjoys great popularity among younger users: which has led the study to establish a series of safety options for minors, to avoid unpleasant situations.