PS5 : Roblox Corporation reaches a value of $ 29.5 billion

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Roblox is the name of one of the most popular games that currently exist on the market, available both in Spain and in the rest of the world on PC and mobile devices. Despite having a great impact among the gaming community, the finances of Roblox Corporation they have not been desired. That is why, last October, the firm announced that it would stop being a private company and opt for an IPO. After raise $ 520 million in a new round of funding, it is indicated that this private financing agreement values ​​Roblox at $ 29.5 billion. Also, opt for a direct quote model where the company’s existing shareholders sell their shares directly to investors.

Roblox and its value in the market: New movements

The direct listing offering, or DPO, circumvents the usual initial public offering (IPO) process, which can be more costly for companies. This direct quote means that the value of the shares is not detailed with the banks of the public offering, and it is a much more flexible procedure compared to the OPI. Let’s say that it facilitates share purchase mechanisms for investors.

Although Roblox Company was expected to offer its shares in 2021 through the IPO, finally the company has decided to opt for this direct listing. The firm had delayed this IPO in order to obtain a higher price: remember that at that time their market value was $ 4 billion, and they were aiming for at least $ 8 billion.

Roblox Corp. wants to build “a platform of shared human experience”

As reported by VentureBeat, thanks to this recent Series H capital increase round, valued at 520 million dollars and in which Altimeter Capital and Dragoneer Investment Group participated, the value of Roblox has finally reached reach $ 29.5 billion. Among the participants in this collection we also discovered The Investment Group of Santa Barbara and Warner Music Group, along with several current investors, according to Business Wire.

The company will use its profits to grow and build a “platform of human experience that allows sharing experiences among billions of users”. This moment is very interesting and decisive for the Roblox Company, after last November GamesIndustry revealed that they had not received any profit since 2004, the year of its founding. “Roblox has created a unique and imaginative virtual experience with a loyal and growing community, and we are excited to have the opportunity to support the company at this stage of its development“, said Marc stad, Managing Partner of Dragoneer Investment Group. it’s a statement.

The Roblox statement

We are delighted to welcome Altimeter, Dragoneer and the other new investors“, said David baszucki, CEO and Co-Founder of Roblox. “We look forward to working with all of them as we continue our mission to build a human experience platform that allows sharing experiences among billions of users, from play to work, yel learning among billions of users“.

Meanwhile, the platform plans to host a whole series of concerts and musical events like that of the rapper Lil Nas X, which managed to gather 33 million players. In turn, on the occasion of the release of Ready Player Two, the title organized a treasure hunt.