PS5 : Resident Evil 7: Fix the game camera with a mod and leave the first person behind

Sony Playstation 5 :

There are many changes that the Resident Evil saga has incorporated throughout its 25-year history. One of the most significant developments was bet on the first person in Resident Evil 7, a decision that the creative team sought to better immerse players in the story. However, fans have wanted play with the camera, angles and perspective and have created a mod that allows you to change your point of view. Also, so I know we can see Ethan Winters face, which Capcom has never openly shown. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 8: Village will debut in Spain and around the world May 7, 2021.

Exploring the Bakers’ mansion

The video starts right after Ethan Winters and Jack Baker get into a fight in the first part of the game. Our protagonist, whom we will also manage in Village, appears standing in the family dining room. That’s when we see him equip yourself with a gun and start touring the stage, which was the main location of Resident Evil 7. Next to the player he advances a fixed camera that allows us to take a look at the different rooms of the property.

Although the mod causes the feeling to be very different from the original game, the truth is that This arrangement of the camera recreates very well that of the first titles of the Resident Evil saga. For players who wanted an experience more similar to the one at the beginning of the series, the truth is that it will be very satisfying to get at the controls of this mod. You can find in the following links to Nexus Mods the Free Cam Tool mod and Ethan W / Head, so as not to leave our protagonist beheaded.

Resident Evil 8: Village, again with Ethan Winters

The history of Village will start after the events of Resident Evil 7. Ethan will set out in search of his daughter, who has been kidnapped and taken to a strange village in Eastern Europe, crowned by a castle where our nightmares aim to come true. PS5 players can explore this place thanks to the exclusive Maiden demo, which allows us to control the Maiden as we wander through this dark scene. If you want to know All the details of the title, we invite you to read our impressions.