PS5 : PS5 VS Xbox Series X, which is better? We compare both consoles in video, their games …

Sony Playstation 5 :

Last Thursday the new Sony console went on sale in Spain, Playstation 5, completing the arrival of the new generation to our country after Microsoft launched Xbox Series X / S last November 10.

With both consoles already in the homes of many players, at Vandal we have created a 48 minute video in which Sal Gonzlez and Jorge Cano discuss both systems comparing your power, design, launch kits, their services, backward compatibility and other details to discover the strengths and weaknesses of Sony and Microsoft machines.

During the video, in addition to listening to the debate between Jorge and Sal to try to discover which is the best console, you will also be able to see images of both platforms as well as gameplay of several of his games in motion. You can see the video just below:

Two consoles with stock problems

Beyond all their differences, what is now clear both with PS5 as with Xbox Series X is that both consoles have stock problems and are sold out in most stores in our country, Stock problems that will probably last until early 2021, at which time demand will begin to stabilize and both companies will be able to place enough consoles in stores as to satisfy everyone who wants to get one.