PS5 : PS5: These are all the error codes and their solution

Sony Playstation 5 :

Playstation 5 It is available in Spanish stores from November 19. At Vandal we prepare a User guide so that you have everything ready before you start playing and we also offered you the solution to the most common problems. Even so, as with PS4, the new machine sometimes has errors that are described only with a error code. In this article we will list all the known ones (as of November 2020) and explain their solution.

PS5 c

Error WV-109168-5, WV-109166-3, WV-109153-9, WV-109146-1, WV-109145-0, WV-109144-9, WS-116420-4, NW-102650-4, NW -102633-5, NW-102417-5, NW-102315-2, NW-102314-1, NW-102311-8, NW-102308-4, NW-102307-3, NW-102265-6, NW-102261 -2, NW-102254-4, CE-113212-0, CE-108862-5, CE-107520-5 and CE-105799-1

In this case it is a error connecting with the PlayStation Network or the game server, or when the network connection timed out or there is a communication error. The first step to fix it is to check if the PSN servers are operational from this website. In case it is, reboot the console and reconfigure the network settings.

If it still fails, try reduce the distance between PS5 and router. If the errors still continue, try rebooting the router and modem. The next steps to take are to update the router’s firmware (the process is different in each manufacturer, look on their website) and open these ports TCP (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479.49152 * 65535); sometimes, to open ports you will need to contact your telephone company.

It may also help to define a IP address manually from the network settings and change the DNS settings temporarily to a public DNS (some companies offer it for free and open).

PS5 internet errors

Error WS-116522-7

This error appears when PS5 firmware update fails through the internet. It is recommended, first of all, to restart the console, bring the modem and PS5 closer together in case it is connected by wireless network, and restart the router (with a five minute wait between off and on).

In case you see the error code updating from a USB storage device, check that the file name and save location are correct. If you are updating with a game discMake sure that the disc has no fingerprints, stains or scratches; If so, clean it with a chamois for glasses or a soft cloth.

The alternative is to go to other update method. For example, if the internet update fails, try the USB.

Error WS-116521-6, WS-116449-5, WS-116439-4, WS-115338-1, WS-115195-2, WS-115019-7, NP-103117-3, NP-103111-7, NP -103109-4, NP-103107-2, NP-103105-0

This error appears when the service you are trying to use is under maintenance; check on the supplier’s or developer’s website if maintenance tasks are being carried out or if there are temporary failures. If not, reset the connection settings on PS5 and try the connection again; if it still doesn’t work, restart your router or modem and wait five minutes. Perhaps the line is temporarily overloaded, in which case the only option is to wait.

PS5 user errors

Error WS-116367-r, WS-116332-6

This error appears when the user account has been suspended for reasons such as violation of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service. In short, it is banned. If this is not the case, it may be due to a temporary network saturation or that the game servers are undergoing maintenance: to find out, check the developer’s website or its support services.

Error WS-116331-5, WS-116330-4

User cannot access PlayStation Network because his account is temporarily suspended for various reasons, such as violation of the terms of use.

Error WS-116328-1, NP-102946-2, NP-102945-1, NP-102944-0, CE-108889-4

This is not an error per se, but the application or game you are trying to start requires the latest system software version. To do this, connect the console to the internet and update; the process can also be done with a USB storage drive after downloading the software from the Sony website or with a game disc.

ps5 errors

Error NW-102638-8

The error appears when times out to connect to PlayStation Network. It is recommended to check that the connection settings on PS5 are correct. If so, reboot the router for five minutes. In case a wireless connection is used, bring the router and console closer together. Of course, before following these steps, check the status of PSN and check the developer’s game website.

Error NP-102955-2

This error appears because the User account information is not correct, so it is possible that a different series of data is being entered than the one with which you registered in the console. Therefore, please check the account login ID or email and password.

Error NP-102947-3

The problem is because the internet connection is unstable, and therefore the update file you are looking for cannot be found. To solve it, the steps to take are the following: restart PS5 and readjust the network settings, move the console closer to the router, restart the router for 5 minutes, and if none of the above works, update the router’s firmware. It may be that the line is temporarily busy, so the recommended first step is to wait.

ps5 fault codes

Error NP-102-942-8

This is not an error, but you have restricted access to the game or application by age restrictions. You can change the age settings in the parental control application.

Error CE-117722-0

Is due to connection problems to play through the cloud the subscription titles PlayStation Now. In case of this error, the first thing to do is check the internet connection in PS Now (a minimum of 5 Mbps is recommended). Later, restart the console, configure the network settings and, if possible and you use a wireless network, bring the router and the PS5 closer.

The next step would be to restart the router for at least five minutes, and then update the router’s firmware (it is a different process in each manufacturer). The alternative is, in case of subscription PS4 and PS2 games, download them to the console to play them. It may also be because the line is temporarily busy.

ps5 camera bugs

Error CE-111161-1, CE-108360-8

There is some fault in the connection of the HD camera or PlayStation Camera to the PS5. Sony recommends, first of all, to buy the camera settings from the console and use it in a bright room. In case you are using a PS Camera with an adapter required for PS5, check the adapter status.