PS5 : PS5 presents ‘Unlimited Access’, a short with Ibai, Rubius, Pedrerol, Marc Gasol and more

Sony Playstation 5 :

PlayStation Spain premiere on the night of Thursday, November 19, the launch day of PlayStation 5 in our country, the advertising short Unlimited Access. The spot, of something more than 16 minutes, has personalities and stars from different fields: streaming, youtubers, athletes, comedians, film directors, voice actors and more.

The video narrates the misadventures of the youtubers ElRubius and Mangel in a fictitious PS5 test event where Rubius gets trapped inside the console. There he meets a group of personalities who make the machine work: Josep Pedrerol, Gema Hassen-Bey, Carolina Marn, Juan Lebrn, Javier Fernndez, Amaya Valdemoro, TheGrefg, Marc Gasol, Lucas Ordez, Melo Moreno, Michelle Jenner, Joaqun Reyes, Vegetta777, Jorge Luengo, Ampeter, ILLOJUAN, Alba Horcajuelo, Santiago Segura, Grison, David broncano, El LAngui, Arkano, Claudio Serrano, Willyrex, Revenant, Outconsumer, Loulogio, Ibai Llanos, Koke, DjMariio, Borja Iglesias, Graveser and Laurix.

The campaign is one of the most ambitious promotional actions in the history of videogame marketing in our country; It is a production of the Madrid people of NOOB Studios. On November 24, another promotional event will take place in Twitch from the hand of PlayStation Spain and Netflix: Jaume Balaguer (REC) has directed the streamer and excaster Ibai Llanos in an unboxing (“UNB[IBAI]XING “) from PS5.

PS5 is sold out in Spain, but more units will arrive

After a week available in seven countries, PlayStation 5 was launched on sale yesterday in Spain and the rest of areas where it had not yet premiered. Throughout the morning, several online stores replenished a limited stock of the console, sold out almost immediately, which will not be delivered until December. Despite the lack of supply, Sony Interactive Entertainment promised that there will be more units of the machine before and after Christmas. Our sources assured that more consoles can be reserved next week.