PS5 : PS5 players begin to complain about the ‘coil whine’ or electrical noise from the console

Sony Playstation 5 :

Last Thursday, November 19, the new Playstation 5 that is already present in thousands of households that are beginning to play their first games with Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man Miles Morales or perhaps with PS4 classics like Days Gone or God of War, among others.

With the console already present in thousands of homes around the world, some voices are beginning to emerge that are complaining about a problem in the form of electrical noise (or coil whine in English) that occurs most of the time when the PlayStation 5 APU is faced with a high workload with games like, for example, Demon’s Souls.

The problem is that not all players are experiencing this noise with the same intensity. Without going any further, the PS5 Digital Edition of the writer has a slight electrical noise when running Demon’s Souls, but it is totally imperceptible while I’m playing or if I’m wearing headphones and only hear it if I mute my TV and move slightly closer to the console, however, other players are having a louder noise while playing with their PS5.

Another front audio issue is caused by a sticker

In addition to this coil whine problem, a network has appeared much less common failure of a noise much more annoying than emerges from the front of the console and that it is due, according to another user, to a misplaced sticker in an assembly error, which can be fixed by disassembling the fan and removing this sticker.

This is a case much more isolated and timely that the aforementioned problem of electrical noise which, luckily, is more annoying than worrying since some high-end computer graphics usually suffer from this failure that does not mean that there is something “broken” or that it may stop working, in this case, our console. In fact sometimes this noise just disappears over time, which is not to say that this error or problem with the design may not be annoying for some players.