PS5 : PS5 had the best release of a console in the United Kingdom with more than 250,000 units

Sony Playstation 5 :

Even with stock limitations that are triggering speculation, PlayStation 5 has broken sales records. Sony confirmed that it was the best launch of a PlayStation and therefore in history -the previous record was in the hands of PS4-, although we do not have concrete data. In the case of Spain, it also surpassed its domestic predecessors with 43,000 units in its first week and now VGC ensures that It is the best launch of a console in the UK.

According to sources in this medium, PS5 exceeded 250,000 units obtained by PS4 in 2013 during the first 48 hours.. Xbox Series X | S had obtained, also by sources of this means, some 155,000 units in its first day; both are sold out, as in the rest of the world. The most popular model was the standard one with a disc reader, priced at 499 euros, which represents 2/3 of the total.. The ratio is similar to Series X to Series S, so at least on debut most players would prefer to have the option of a disc player. According to our data, 38,000 PS5 of the normal model and 5,000 of the digital model were sold in Spain.

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All units that are manufactured will be sold

It remains to be seen what the sales of this generation would have been with more consoles available and direct sales in stores, which at least in Spain is still impossible without an online reservation and so it will be for the next remittances before and after Christmas. Sony – and Microsoft – will probably sell everything they can make in the coming months, something that bring PS5 sales closer to your forecast: over 7.6 million this fiscal year, which is what PS4 did. On December 15, more PlayStation 5s will begin to arrive in stores – many have already been reserved – and we do not know when there will be more.

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