PS5 : PS5 does not allow PS4 games to run at 120fps

Sony Playstation 5 :

Thanks to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are already on sale in Spanish stores, it is becoming easier to see new comparisons between the characteristics of both new generation consoles, and probably one of the most striking is the fact that several games of Xbox One are seeing their performance increased to 120 images per second in Series X, while those of PS4 in PS5 reach at most up to 60 fps.

The differences of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S backward compatibility

From Eurogamer they have wanted to investigate why this is due and that is why they have contacted Psyonix, the studio that created Rocket League, one of those games that runs at 120 fps on Xbox Series X but only at 60 on PS5.

As they have detailed since the study, is due to the way the backward compatibility of both consoles is designed. In the case of Xbox Series X / S They only needed to add “a little patch” to achieve 120 fps, while if they want to get the same result on PS5 they should create a completely new native version designed for Sony console. Obviously, with the study resources, the latter has not been possible.

This is something that has also confirmed Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry, who assures that “Sony now limits 120Hz support to games specifically designed for PS5, which means that ‘enhanced’ PS4 games such as Rocket League and Call of Duty: Warzone cannot implement this feature. In theory Sony should be able to adjust this, but it would take a lot of work, so the ball is now in Sony’s court. “

As you can imagine Sony has not commented on this matter, so we have to wait for it to finish announcing something more or less officially to see if we can finally enjoy PS4 games on PS4 at 120 fps.