PS5 : Project 007 is new from IO Interactive, responsible for the Hitman saga

Sony Playstation 5 :

IO Interactive Yesterday he announced that he announced his new project today, well, that video game in development has turned out to be Project 007, an adventure that narrates the origins of James Bond and that it is already in the process of production preparing its launch in “modern systems and platforms”. At the moment it does not seem to have a specific premiere window and there have been no images other than those of the teaser that accompanies the announcement.

Project 007 is its provisional name. This title will tell a completely new story of British Spain, focusing primarily on its origins. In fact, it is the first time that the beginnings of James Bond have been narrated in the agency, according to the official account of the franchise on Twitter. It was this same account that published the game teaser IO Interactive that you can see below these lines.

An official website has also been published that serves as a teaser and where it is possible to sign up for receive more information from Project 007.

The “most ambitious” game from IO Interactive

This new game from the creators of the Hitman saga is the first in ten years that has nothing to do with Agent 47, but also is being developed in Glacier, the IO Interactive graphics engine. In fact, the studio not only creates the game, but also publishes it just as it has done with the latest installments of the jacketed assassin saga. IO Interactive is currently looking for new employees in different positions for the development of this title.

And it seems that this new project is “the most ambitious in the history” of IO Interactive, as its CEO has recognized, Hakan Abrak, in a press release. In those statements he also talks about how are working closely with EON and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, responsible for the 007 franchise, in the creation of this video game.