PS5 : PlayStation Spain and Juegaterapia create the Club Explorers initiative PlayStation

Sony Playstation 5 :

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has forged a new alliance with Play therapy to welcome a very special initiative: the PlayStation Explorers Club. The aim of this idea is to enable young people diagnosed with cancer to “dream, explore and escape” through thematic rooms seasoned with all the technology of Playstation 5. This project is framed within the PlayStation Commitment program, which already has the participation of personalities such as La Oreja de Van Gogh, Marc Mrquez, lex Mrquez, Carolina Marn, Rafael Nadal, Dj MariiO, Arturo Valls, Sergio Reguiln, Gema Hassen-Bey, Jorge Resurreccin “Koke” or Ibai Llanos.

PlayStation Explorers Club: How to participate?

All the personalities mentioned have donated objects of great sentimental value, like the keyboard that Van Gogh’s Ear used on his first tour, or the football boots with which Sergio Reguilon made his debut at Tottenham Hotspur. All donated items will be unveiled shortly and will be available for a drawing via the official PlayStation Explorers Club website.

How can we get hold of these precious objects and, at the same time, participate in the Play Therapy initiative? It is very simple: all interested parties can buy ballots worth 5 euros through the official website, and then choose the objects we want to get. “There is no limit to the number of ballots that can be purchased, but each one of them will be destined to a single item “, they explain from Sony.” In addition, all the members of the PlayStation Explorers Club that collaborate by buying at least one ticket will enter the draw for a PlayStation 5. The entire proceeds will go to the PlayStation Explorers Club project.“.

PlayStation Explorers Club Initiative

Rafael Nadal, La Oreja de Van Gogh and Ibai Llanos have donated precious objects for the PlayStation Explorers Club

The company announces that During the month of March the PlayStation Explorers Club will celebrate the first mission: a solidarity gala where different personalities will participate and another batch of donated objects will be raffled, as well as a PS5 console among all the people who have acquired at least one ticket.

We detail you below the list of donated items from each of the personalities who have participated in the PlayStation Explorers Club. We remind you that more objects will be revealed soon:

1. Ibai Llanos Table with illustration of Ibai2. Marc mrquez Sliders used in the 2020 Jerez GP 3. Van Gogh’s Ear – Keyboard used on your first tour 4. Rafael Nadal – Signed shirt 5. Carolina marn – Competition dress signed 6. Sergio Reguiln Boots worn in Tottenham debut7. Lex Marquez – Signed shirt of the Champion of the Moto2 world in 20198. Jorge Resurreccin “Koke” – Boots with which he became the 3rd player with the most matches in the history of Atltico de Madrid9. Dj maRiiO DUALSHOCK 4 edition Dj Mariio10. Arturo Valls Miley Cirus top worn in T Cara Me Suena11. Hassen-Bey Gem – Fencing glove signed 12. Frank White “Whoever falls down” glasses 13. Bruno Sol – 1996 PlayStation Analog Joystick 14. Luca sainz Shovel with which he played the game against Ibai Llanos15. David martnez – Survival Horror and Warriors and Princesses, his last two books, plus a Replica of Bayonetta’s pistol16. Outconsumer Boston Celtics jersey signed by Irving17. Diogo Jota Liverpool shirt signed18. Rafael TGR DUX Memories of your competitive stage and your favorite jersey19. Marcos Garcia – Yuna’s poster signed by the creators of Final Fantasy X20. Kiko bjar – Mug command21. Jorge Luengo – Your first deck of cards22. Javi nieves – Alanis Morissette signed record23. Claudio Serrano – Special Edition of the Book: Batman: A Video Game Hero24. lvaro Castellano – DualShock 325. Play therapy – Kit peln (Baby Peln 10th Anniversary + Baln Peln Modric)

Video games, beneficial to health according to a study

The PlayStation Explorers Club was born as a result of a study that shows that video games are beneficial for pediatric cancer patients with post-chemotherapy mucositis, who feel less pain when playing video games. In this investigation it was found a 20% decrease in morphine administration in these children and a 14% increase in parasympathetic tone, largely responsible for the recovery of the body, promoting healing.