PS5 : PlayStation boss doesn’t know if Starfield or the Elder Scrolls 6 are coming to PS5

Sony Playstation 5 :

Microsoft surprise that new generation with a strategy that strengthened its catalog ahead of the arrival of their new consoles: the Redmond team acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, which works on games like the upcoming Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. That is why, at the moment, the future of these two titles on Sony’s PlayStation 5 is very uncertain. In fact, not even Jim RyanYou, head of PlayStation, can answer the question whether we will see these games debuting on Sony’s new system.

Microsoft, Sony, and Bethesda games on PS5

The director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim RyanIt’s also waiting to know if Bethesda games like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 will also be released on PS5 or if they will instead remain Xbox Series X / S exclusives upon their arrival in the next-gen. “That is a decision that is out of our hands, we will wait and see what happens”Ryan said.

In that regard, he adds the following: “I hope to learn about that. We just took a different approach. Our emphasis has been rather focusing on really steady, slow but steady organic growth, from our studies, selectively reinforced by acquisitions [de equipos de desarrollo]”Ryan maintains. Similar words we read to him a few weeks ago when praised the work of the Sucker Punch studio with Ghost of Tsushima, whom he pointed to as a good example of that organic growth.

Doubts about the future of Starfield or the Elder Scrolls 6 on PS5

“That is a decision that is out of our hands”

Regarding Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, Ryan notes the following: “We respect the steps taken by our competition, they seem logical and reasonable. But we are equally happy and confident, we have a better pitch lineup than we’ve had in any of our pitches console “.

BethesdaFollowing the announcement of the Zenimax purchase, he stepped forward and indicated that he saw “hard to imagine” that a game like The Elder Scrolls 6, for example, was exclusive to Xbox. “We will decide what makes the most sense to our audience when the time comes, “said Todd Howard, head of the study.