PS5 : No More Heroes 3 announces its release date on Switch: August 27

Sony Playstation 5 :

No More Heroes 3 coming to Nintendo Switch on August 27th 2021. The release date has been revealed in the Nintendo Direct issued on Wednesday February 17 along with a new trailer featuring novelties in the combat system as well as some of the relatively routine activities that Travis Touchdown will have to perform between assassinations.

The scale of the feats of the particular hero created by Suda 51 and the Grasshopper Interactive team increase in this third installment. Travis will have to participate in the intergalactic heroes tournament to save the world, so your alien rivals they will be much tougher than the humans he faced in the two Wii games.

It is clear that these alien enemies will have some trick up their sleeves, but Touchdown is also better prepared, as it has a number of new skills that can be customized and improved throughout the adventure. Of course, as usual in the series, between confrontation and confrontation with final bosses, other activities will have to be carried out: from mowing the lawn to be a miner, going through participating in turn-based combat in the purest Final Fantasy style.

The complete saga is available on Switch

If you are unfamiliar with the saga, No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle have been available on the Nintendo eShop since October 28, remastering the two original titles published for Wii in 2008 and 2010 respectively. In addition, there is also available the spin-off Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, an experiment within the series loaded with references to the independent games of the moment.

You can know the rest of Nintendo Direct news, the first traditional since September 2019 and celebrated in the same year that Zelda and Metroid celebrate their 35th anniversary, in this link.